Have Our Food Delivered

Arrange for a food delivery from us in Cedar Falls, IA & Spring Field, IL

Are you comfortable at home? We can bring the Mexican food you want right to your doorstep. Rancho Chico offers food delivery services you can count on. No matter what you're in the mood for, you can get it through our delivery service.

We also cater family gatherings and other events. You can rely on us to provide you with the food you need to serve your friends, family members or coworkers. When we cater your event, we can:

  • Supply the plates
  • Provide any plasticware or silverware you need
  • Set up a buffet
  • Offer margaritas by the gallon
  • Assemble a fajita bar or nacho bar
For an additional fee, we'll even serve the food at your event.

Contact us today to discuss the food delivery we do throughout Cedar Falls, IA & Spring Field, IL.

Get take-out from your favorite Mexican restaurant

Enjoying your favorite foods has never been so convenient. Our Mexican food take-out service makes it easy for you to call ahead, place your order and pick it up when the food is ready.

Call now to use our Mexican food take-out service in Cedar Falls, IA & Spring Field, IL.


Taco Bar & Nacho Bar

$7.95 Per Person (Cedar Falls)
$8.95 Per Person (Springfield)

•Shredded chicken
•Ground beef
•Famous cheese dip
•Shredded cheese
•Pico de Gallo
•Sour cream
• Soft shells

Additional items + $0.99/ each per person

•Mexican rice
•Refried beans
•Pinto beans

Guests Build Their Own Fajita Bar

$9.95 Per Person (Cedar Falls)
$10.95 Per Person (Springfield)

•Grilled chicken
•Grilled steak
•Grilled bell peppers
•Onions & tomatoes
•Chips & salsa
•Rice & beans
•Pico de Gallo
•Sour cream
•Soft shell tortillas